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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conscious Observing...

"Becoming more observant of what goes on "inside" and using it to change my perception of the "outside" has opened up the possibilities in my life. Things I never knew I could do or see I can, and time moves much slower and at a pace where I have the ability to observe and choose instead of react and regret."
~Betsy Chasse~ (From "What The Bleep")

From one perspective our society appears progressive, considering cars, airplanes, and technology just to name a few "improvements," but actually society is digressing as far as consciousness is concerned. We are actually teaching ourselves to be less observant and more reactive. The faster we move and the more we put on our "plates" to do, the less consciously focused we are. How can we actually participate in our consciousness when we spend our time not using it?

Consciousness requires observation and observation requires contemplation.

When I was a single mother I got up early every weekday prepared myself and my children, took care of the animals, and picked up the house before leaving at 7 a.m. to go to work after dropping the kids off at school. After work I had my college classes, the kids were involved in activities like scouts and dance, and I cooked our meals too. Once the kids were in bed homework was put away, I would unwind with some t.v. or a book and could not keep my
eyes open past 9 p.m.. The weekends were reserved for cleaning the house, laundry, errands and entertaining the kids. This kind of lifestyle I am talking about is very normal with a huge population of America's single parent and dual parent homes. What I am talking about here is not limited to families, single people who are working, and maybe going to school, have an active social life and a place to live are running on the same type of hamster wheel.

Some would say they are happy living a fast paced life they make a lot of money, enjoy popularity, travel and have lots of toys. Now lets think about this for a moment, there is nothing wrong with toys and money and looking good, unless that is all there is. Our individual worth is evolving into how much we can do at any given moment, it's how much we can cram into a bio or resume' of ourselves, it's our title. Our society does not for the most part, acknowledge a conscious observer, and in most religions throughout history conscious observers were branded as heretics. A conscious observer thinks for themselves rather than allowing a "dummying down" affect that occurs in society's herds of Sheeple. We are dependent on grocery stores, restaurants, jobs, cars, and theme parks in order to live.

To spend our day in observation, creatively allowing simple inspiration to guide us is so foreign that we laugh, call it lazy, unproductive and useless. Without conscious living where are we headed? How long will this form of society sustain us? Consciousness can be shut out by a materialistic and physically reactive existence, unless we decide to live on purpose.

Like taking an anti-depressant to deal with depression we are ignoring our consciousness and stuffing it down. When the depressed person goes off the anti-depressant all of the feelings that were kept hidden rear up at once and can't help being faced.

Just imagine removing the tools we have adopted to mask our consciousness and see what rears up to greet us ~ Thought, Connection, Universal Awareness ~ Hmm the concept is intriguing and inviting don't you think?

"We are not simply bystanders on a cosmic stage; we are shapers and creators living in a participating Universe."
~Niels Bohr~ (Colleague of Albert Einstein)

Written by Dawn, Wellness Educator

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